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Wanna be 1 of the few to experience the Brixton Brunch? Make sure to quickly reserve your spot, before the tickets sell out! You do not want to be too late to press that button and be left out on just another boring Saturday.. do you?

The Brixton Brunch is a unique event and will submerse you in a world with endless surprises and provide you with an unforgettable, unique experience. Please read all the details on this site and the Q&A below in case you have any questions. Wanna stay up to date? Leave your e-mail below and you will be the first to be informed with juicy details on the next event and any special discounts. See you at Brixton!

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What can you expect of the Brixton Brunch?

The Brixton Brunch is a Saturday afternoon and -evening experience from 1pm-11pm . From 1pm our extravagant host will welcome you with welcome drinks. At 2pm we will enter the lunch room where a 3-course brunch will be served, accompanied by the most juicy tunes from our house dj's of Brixton Soundsystem. During this brunch you may expect many surprises to spice things up.

The tone will be set for a good party, which will escalate from 5pm, when we will enter the party area with a bang. All in an intimate atmosphere with a Brixton touch and many acts. At 11pm the event will end and you can go home to enjoy a proper Sunday without hangover (or you can get your ass to a sketchy after-party, provided by us or not).

What is included?
Included in the ticket price is: a welcome drink, a delicious 3-course brunch from our chefs, dj's during brunch and party and all surprises & performances.

May I take pics and videos?

Sure! Make sure to tag @BrixtonAmsterdam to make a chance to win 2 free tickets to the next edition. Please note we will also take pictures and videos which may be used for promotional purposes.

Which day will Brixton Brunch take place?

Specific Saturdays from 1pm-11pm. Make sure to subscribe to be the first to be invited.

I have allergies, now what?

We will offer 3 options: meat, fish or vegetarian, so make sure to inform us about your choice when buying tickets (for each ticket). Are you pregnant, vegan or have allergies? Please inform us when buying tickets as well.

How can I pay for drinks?

Drinks at the party can be bought with cash or pin. Some drinks may be bought in advance with discount when buying tickets.

Can I transfer my ticket?

Please contact the ticket provider, they can help you out and send you a new ticket.

Can I book with a group of friends?

Please inform us when buying tickets so we can make sure that you will be seated together.

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